“I can’t wait to launch my new album”

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett continues to tour their joint album ‘Cheek To Cheek’. Last night it was the turn of Switzerland where both sang in the Montreux Jazz Festival with an audience actually delivered to Lady Gaga came to give voice for the song ‘Bang Bang’.

But it was still before singing his version of ‘La Vie En Rose’ when Lady Gaga surprised the audience for the first time publicly talking of their next album. Gaga with a smile on his face told the crowd: “I can not wait to launch my new album”.

Lady Gaga takes time working on his next pop album but, unlike other times, this time just details of this new project are known. Gaga will start to share information after their tour with Tony Bennett in a month?

On the other hand, returning to the concert held in Switzerland, a fan who attended the event shared his experience with all those who could not attend:

I threw flowers to Gaga and she sent me a kiss. He also said he can not wait to release their next album. I sang incredibly, put me goosebumps. The place was small, so often sang without a microphone. He was speaking French and sipped wine on stage.

Here are the videos of Lady Gaga performing we leave ‘La Vie En Rose’ and a small piece of ‘Bang Bang’ where Gaga let the audience sing because of his enthusiasm.


Kendrick Lamar’s collaboration with Lady Gaga entitled PARTYNASEOUS has just leaked on the internet! The song was written in 2012, and was set to appear on Kendrick Lamar’s album good kid, m.A.A.d city but because of the creative differences, the song was never released. A different version of the song was then used during an interlude at Lady Gaga’s artRAVE tour. Listen to the song below.


Today, Lady Gaga HOSTED a benefit ride in partnership with SoulCycle Chicago to benefit her Born This Way Foundation, launched back in 2012. Lady Gaga, Bobby Campbell and Cynthia Germanotta all participated in the event. Supporters were asked so select the team member they wanted to support and sponsor their bike on the website. Check out PHOTOS, videos and a fan experience below!

At the end of class they played gagas live version of “Imagine”. It was THE coolest thing. And during Born This Way about 15 of us got off of our bikes and danced with Gaga and her mom. We embraced. We hugged. We sang together and held hands and jumped up and down. It was beautiful. And yes, she sweat on me. No CAMERAS allowed in the studio but it was small, intimate and Amazing. She’s just the coolest!!! SO HAPPY I did this!


Matt Bomer was recently interviewed by MTV News, and was asked about working with Lady Gaga on American Horror Story. Read what he had to say below!

I know that I will be working with Stefani, Lady Gaga, pretty extensively, so I’m very excited about that. Our storyline is really really fun, and I think what they’re doing with our characters is a really unique and kind of original take on it.Have you talked to her much yet?

I haven’t even met her yet. I’m so excited, we literally finish the press and I go straight onto set, so I guess I’ll meet her when I’m there.

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Madeon talks working with Lady Gaga

In a recent interview with Idolator, Madeon was asked about how it was like to work with Lady Gaga in the studio, a rumoured song called “Tinnitus”, and more. Read below!

What was it liking working on Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album?

It was awesome. It was a great experience for me, definitely. She’s a very, obviously insanely talented PERSON. She’s a great vocalist, a true, real songwriter. She’s great. It was very impressive to me and inspirational, but also, she cares a lot about everyone that works with her. I felt like she respected me, and that was very meaningful. She doesn’t work with tons of producers all the time.The way I approached it was to trust her judgements and be a tool in her process to execute her vision. I didn’t want to come in and try to make it a Madeon song. I wanted to make sure that it was a way for her to express her ideas. If I worked for someone different, I would probably have a different approach, but I felt like I came in, started working on the album, like halfway through it’s completion, so it already had an identity.

It wasn’t my role to define it, you know what I mean? That’s how I approached it, but I saw her again recently. I saw her performing the songs we had worked on together live, and it was very, very touching to me. Overall, it was a very important experience for me.

I think “Gypsy” was the best song on that album.

Thank you, I think so too.

Is there an unreleased song? There’s a rumor about a track called “Tinnitus.”

Pretty much everything we’ve worked on has been released. I don’t have, how can I word that, I do not PERSONALLY have any copy of a song with Lady Gaga singing that’s called “Tinnitus.” I don’t have it.

How is it working with Lady Gaga different to say Coldplay?

It’s quite, first of all, it was a much longer process. We worked together for way longer, but as I said, I have to keep in mind who she was and try to understand what she wanted to do to make sure I was helpful in accomplishing her vision. I think when you work with an upcoming artist, or something like that, you may have more of a possibility to assert your identity, and help them find their identity.I think, now, if I were to work with Lady Gaga right now, I would do it very differently, I think, because I’m more confident as a producer. It was an insanely meaningful learning experience for me working with her.

Cynthia Germanotta, Gaga’s mother, explains how hard it was that her daughter was harassed

Cynthia Germanotta, president of Born This Way Foundation and mother of Lady Gaga, writes about raising her unique daughter and the Emotion Revolution, launched with Yale.

As a mom, it’s difficult to watch your child struggle. Whether the obstacles your child faces are physical, academic, or social, you want to do everything you can to help. But too often as a parent, you feel like you don’t have the tools you need to guide your child through the difficult experiences we all encounter growing up. This is particularly acute when the PROBLEMS your son or daughter grapples with are emotional.


When my daughter Stefani—who most people know as Lady Gaga—was a child, she had to learn painful lessons about the dangers of cruelty and the importance of kindness. She was creative and unequivocally her own PERSON, but her peers didn’t always appreciate the things that made her unique—and different. As a result, they would sometimes taunt, humiliate, or exclude her. It was hurtful for her to experience and heartbreaking for me to watch.

But this mean-spirited treatment did more than sting in the moment—it shook Stefani’s confidence. The persistent, thoughtless cruelty of her peers caused Stefani to QUESTION her identity and self-worth. That self-doubt, in turn, led to anxiety, depression, and destructive behavior. What in isolation may have been viewed as casually dispensed insults or “harmless pranks” accumulated over time, causing a ripple effect that ate away at her emotional well-being.

As difficult as those times were, however, they have enabled my daughter to bond with the millions of young people she has interacted with and impacted through her music. So many of these “Little Monsters” have endured similar situations and experienced similar feelings—from depression and loneliness to humiliation and frustration. We heard from young people around the country, and around the world, who felt like their voices weren’t being heard and their feelings weren’t being respected.

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Lady Gaga partners with Yale Emotion to start Emotion Revolution

Co-founders of the Born This Way Foundation, Cynthia Germanotta and Lady Gaga, have partnered with Yale Emotion to start an Emotion Revolution!

The Emotion Revolution empowers high school students—like you—to create schools and communities where emotions matter. This year, our national survey will capture high school students’ current and hoped for emotional experiences in school.

In October 2015, we will host the inaugural Emotion Revolution Summit where the survey results will be revealed. During the Summit, students from across the country will have an opportunity to meet with Lady Gaga, educators, academics, and policy makers to learn ways they can accelerate positive changes in their schools and communities. Lady Gaga & her mother will also be guest speakers at the event!

If you’re in High School, click below to take the survey!

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Daily Mail: “Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are looking for a house for $20 million in Manhattan”

The website “Daily Mail” has published a new article which asserts that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are looking for a house in Manhattan worth 20 million DOLLARS.

“She’s in love with the man of her dreams and is getting married. Lady Gaga is about to put the icing on the cake, and he plans to buy a new house 20 million.

The singer and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney are looking for a house in the upper west side of Manhattan, according to Page Six column of the newspaper “The New York Post”. The alleged luxury mansion is near the house of the parents of the singer and the couple has told the ESTATE who want a house with a terrace or an outdoor space.


A source said:. “Lady Gaga is looking for a home in Upper west of the city, near the house where he spent his childhood and where his parents still live She wants a house with 4,000 square meters, with high ceilings and a outdoor space ”

The singer, 29, who is currently paying a rent of $ 22,000 a month for his APARTMENT in New York for several years, has admitted that she loves the fact that the property has a terrace where you can relax outdoors, and his fame makes it difficult enough out to a public place.

She said: “The most important for me in this place thing is to have a space where I can go to relax”

Apart from the apartment in New York, the singer of “Born This Way” has spent $ 24 million in a mansion in Malibu, where he could marry her boyfriend. The property has five bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, plus a sea view, a private gym, a pool, a jacuzzi and a bowling alley.

The house occupies six acres and also has a house for guests, with a tennis court, a three car garage, a barn and some trails to ride”