Daily Mail: “Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are looking for a house for $20 million in Manhattan”

The website “Daily Mail” has published a new article which asserts that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are looking for a house in Manhattan worth 20 million DOLLARS.

“She’s in love with the man of her dreams and is getting married. Lady Gaga is about to put the icing on the cake, and he plans to buy a new house 20 million.

The singer and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney are looking for a house in the upper west side of Manhattan, according to Page Six column of the newspaper “The New York Post”. The alleged luxury mansion is near the house of the parents of the singer and the couple has told the ESTATE who want a house with a terrace or an outdoor space.


A source said:. “Lady Gaga is looking for a home in Upper west of the city, near the house where he spent his childhood and where his parents still live She wants a house with 4,000 square meters, with high ceilings and a outdoor space ”

The singer, 29, who is currently paying a rent of $ 22,000 a month for his APARTMENT in New York for several years, has admitted that she loves the fact that the property has a terrace where you can relax outdoors, and his fame makes it difficult enough out to a public place.

She said: “The most important for me in this place thing is to have a space where I can go to relax”

Apart from the apartment in New York, the singer of “Born This Way” has spent $ 24 million in a mansion in Malibu, where he could marry her boyfriend. The property has five bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, plus a sea view, a private gym, a pool, a jacuzzi and a bowling alley.

The house occupies six acres and also has a house for guests, with a tennis court, a three car garage, a barn and some trails to ride”




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