Madeon talks working with Lady Gaga

In a recent interview with Idolator, Madeon was asked about how it was like to work with Lady Gaga in the studio, a rumoured song called “Tinnitus”, and more. Read below!

What was it liking working on Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album?

It was awesome. It was a great experience for me, definitely. She’s a very, obviously insanely talented PERSON. She’s a great vocalist, a true, real songwriter. She’s great. It was very impressive to me and inspirational, but also, she cares a lot about everyone that works with her. I felt like she respected me, and that was very meaningful. She doesn’t work with tons of producers all the time.The way I approached it was to trust her judgements and be a tool in her process to execute her vision. I didn’t want to come in and try to make it a Madeon song. I wanted to make sure that it was a way for her to express her ideas. If I worked for someone different, I would probably have a different approach, but I felt like I came in, started working on the album, like halfway through it’s completion, so it already had an identity.

It wasn’t my role to define it, you know what I mean? That’s how I approached it, but I saw her again recently. I saw her performing the songs we had worked on together live, and it was very, very touching to me. Overall, it was a very important experience for me.

I think “Gypsy” was the best song on that album.

Thank you, I think so too.

Is there an unreleased song? There’s a rumor about a track called “Tinnitus.”

Pretty much everything we’ve worked on has been released. I don’t have, how can I word that, I do not PERSONALLY have any copy of a song with Lady Gaga singing that’s called “Tinnitus.” I don’t have it.

How is it working with Lady Gaga different to say Coldplay?

It’s quite, first of all, it was a much longer process. We worked together for way longer, but as I said, I have to keep in mind who she was and try to understand what she wanted to do to make sure I was helpful in accomplishing her vision. I think when you work with an upcoming artist, or something like that, you may have more of a possibility to assert your identity, and help them find their identity.I think, now, if I were to work with Lady Gaga right now, I would do it very differently, I think, because I’m more confident as a producer. It was an insanely meaningful learning experience for me working with her.


Cynthia Germanotta, Gaga’s mother, explains how hard it was that her daughter was harassed

Cynthia Germanotta, president of Born This Way Foundation and mother of Lady Gaga, writes about raising her unique daughter and the Emotion Revolution, launched with Yale.

As a mom, it’s difficult to watch your child struggle. Whether the obstacles your child faces are physical, academic, or social, you want to do everything you can to help. But too often as a parent, you feel like you don’t have the tools you need to guide your child through the difficult experiences we all encounter growing up. This is particularly acute when the PROBLEMS your son or daughter grapples with are emotional.


When my daughter Stefani—who most people know as Lady Gaga—was a child, she had to learn painful lessons about the dangers of cruelty and the importance of kindness. She was creative and unequivocally her own PERSON, but her peers didn’t always appreciate the things that made her unique—and different. As a result, they would sometimes taunt, humiliate, or exclude her. It was hurtful for her to experience and heartbreaking for me to watch.

But this mean-spirited treatment did more than sting in the moment—it shook Stefani’s confidence. The persistent, thoughtless cruelty of her peers caused Stefani to QUESTION her identity and self-worth. That self-doubt, in turn, led to anxiety, depression, and destructive behavior. What in isolation may have been viewed as casually dispensed insults or “harmless pranks” accumulated over time, causing a ripple effect that ate away at her emotional well-being.

As difficult as those times were, however, they have enabled my daughter to bond with the millions of young people she has interacted with and impacted through her music. So many of these “Little Monsters” have endured similar situations and experienced similar feelings—from depression and loneliness to humiliation and frustration. We heard from young people around the country, and around the world, who felt like their voices weren’t being heard and their feelings weren’t being respected.

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At Saturday’s Family Equality Council GALA in Beverly Hills, Sarah Paulson let it slip that she almost let something else slip: the big news that Lady Gaga will be starring in next season’s American Horror Story. Why? Because it’s so cool:

“I think nothing in the world could be more exciting. Really … it’s Lady Fucking Gaga! I mean, come on. It’s amazing.”

Sarah Paulson also revealed that she knew Lady Gaga would be joining the cast: “I had a bit of an inkling, because the man told me, but I kept it a secret. I finally said to him the other day, ‘If you don’t announce this soon, I’m going to bust. I’m going to say something!’ And he was like, ‘You can’t.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’m going to. So get on it.’ And then they have. And it was all because I made them. Not really.” But can she spill the beans on whether she’ll be on the show next season? That, apparently, is undecided, as she mentioned onstage after the AHS teaser played: “I just feel like letting Ryan know that I am available, if he wants me.”

American Horror Story: HOTEL is set to premiere in October!

RedOne talks about Lady Gaga’s new album: “It’s incredible!”

Work is well underway on Lady Gaga’s next album, according to the man behind most of her biggest hits.

Superproducer RedOne, real name Nadir Khayat, was the brains behind game-changing singles Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance and Alejandro. And, speaking exclusively to The National, he CONFIRMED many songs had already been written for a follow-up to 2013’s ARTPOP, which he promises could be “the album of the decade”.

RedOne also revealed he is working on his first SOLO album – also likely to feature Lady Gaga, along with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra.

Right now I’m again working with Lady Gaga – it’s been a big thing for both of us. We took a little break from each other and now it feels like we are in a good place, both of us. She did her thing, I did my thing, and it feels like we’re back on track together.

The 42-year-old producer revealed that songwriting sessions were taking place in Los Angeles, with the project likely to take up the rest of 2015. He also CONFIRMED reports that disco pioneerGiorgio Moroder was involved in the project.

With Gaga, I’m fully committed until we’re done – we’re just going to work on writing songs – 20, 30, 40 songs – until we get hopefully the best album of the decade. The new material feels great. And that’s what it is like with me and her – when we both feel great, it’s incredible. A lot of it is to do with trust, no ego, just love for the music. And when it’s fun and respectful, putting the egos aside, it’s magic.

Gaga looks likely to return the favour with a guest slot on RedOne’s first album. The producer exclusively revealed plans for his SOLO debut, tentatively titled RedOne Presents, which he hopes to release before the year is out.

Among the “big, big names” he linked to the project were soul legends Wonder and Richie, as well as frequent collaborators Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias, and Bollywood star Chopra.

One buddy he has yet to call on is Pitbull, despite having collaborated on more than a dozen tunes together.

Honestly I haven’t spoken to Pitbull yet. I’ve spoken to Gaga, a few other people, Enrique Iglesias. I can’t tell you [if they said yes], I can’t speak for them. They think it’s exciting, because they’re my buddies, but it’s not just about the artists – it’s about their labels, their rights, so there’s no ‘yes’ until it’s cleared from all angles. But of COURSE I have a lot of friends, and they’re all willing to help. It’s going to be a fun album for sure

Tony Bennett talks about 2nd jazz album with Lady Gaga & GRAMMYs

Lady Gaga showed up Thursday at Staples Center in a dazzling strapless gold lame cocktail dress and MATCHING iridescent gold 4-inch high heels, her bleach blond hair swept smoothly over one shoulder as she took the stage with her recent duet partner, jazz-pop singer Tony Bennett, to sing Irving Berlin’s Great American Songbook standard “Cheek to Cheek.”

And that was just for rehearsal. By Gaga couture standards, her ensemble may have constituted an “Oh, this old thing?” workaday outfit, but it demonstrated once again that there’s no such thing in Gaga’s world as a frump day.

She and Bennett ran through the title track from their recent duet album three times, backed by an acoustic jazz ensemble with piano, upright bass and drums, the baby grand accented with a couple of small, vintage table lamps. Seguir leyendo

QUICK NEWS: Sam Smith on Gaga, Stevie Wonder’s Tribute & More!

  • Rolling Stone dedicated their February magazine cover to Sam Smith. In his exclusive interview he praises several artists and also talks about the impact Lady Gaga had in his life as an artist. He said:

Without Gaga, I wouldn’t be here right now.

Lady Gaga has also been praising Sam Smith for a long time. She said:

Knowing I inspired Sam is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had as an artist. I was Sam. I still am Sam in a lot of ways. When I watched his performance on SNL, I knew how powerful his GIFT was. I was with my boyfriend, about to leave for tour again the next day, and Sam was singing ‘Stay With Me’. We both had such an honest emotional reaction. I remember thinking how unique it was to have such a visceral reaction to a modern artist.

  • Lady Gaga has joined the all-star lineup for Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life — An All-Star GRAMMY Salute! The live concert will take place on February 10 and will air live Monday (February 16) on CBS. Other performers announced include Janelle Monáe, Ed Sheeran, and Usher.
  • Earlier today Mobistar Corporate and Universal Music Group won a Private Business Awardfor Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga’s very successful concert which took place last year in Brussels.


Back in April 2014, VEVO announced that 10 awards would be given to Lady Gaga for her 10 VEVO Certified music videos, meaning that each video has more than 100 million views. In the meantime they asked fans based in Chicago to join them and film something special featuring Lady Gaga herself.

Today VEVO released a total of 6 videos. In the first one, Lady Gaga receives the awards from her fans. In the rest of the videos she discusses various matters, from her fans, to the artRAVE and finally she comments on her most popular music videos, on the clothes, the storyline, everything!

You can watch all the videos below. And congrats Gaga on the awards! Seguir leyendo