RedOne talks about Lady Gaga’s new album: “It’s incredible!”

Work is well underway on Lady Gaga’s next album, according to the man behind most of her biggest hits.

Superproducer RedOne, real name Nadir Khayat, was the brains behind game-changing singles Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance and Alejandro. And, speaking exclusively to The National, he CONFIRMED many songs had already been written for a follow-up to 2013’s ARTPOP, which he promises could be “the album of the decade”.

RedOne also revealed he is working on his first SOLO album – also likely to feature Lady Gaga, along with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra.

Right now I’m again working with Lady Gaga – it’s been a big thing for both of us. We took a little break from each other and now it feels like we are in a good place, both of us. She did her thing, I did my thing, and it feels like we’re back on track together.

The 42-year-old producer revealed that songwriting sessions were taking place in Los Angeles, with the project likely to take up the rest of 2015. He also CONFIRMED reports that disco pioneerGiorgio Moroder was involved in the project.

With Gaga, I’m fully committed until we’re done – we’re just going to work on writing songs – 20, 30, 40 songs – until we get hopefully the best album of the decade. The new material feels great. And that’s what it is like with me and her – when we both feel great, it’s incredible. A lot of it is to do with trust, no ego, just love for the music. And when it’s fun and respectful, putting the egos aside, it’s magic.

Gaga looks likely to return the favour with a guest slot on RedOne’s first album. The producer exclusively revealed plans for his SOLO debut, tentatively titled RedOne Presents, which he hopes to release before the year is out.

Among the “big, big names” he linked to the project were soul legends Wonder and Richie, as well as frequent collaborators Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias, and Bollywood star Chopra.

One buddy he has yet to call on is Pitbull, despite having collaborated on more than a dozen tunes together.

Honestly I haven’t spoken to Pitbull yet. I’ve spoken to Gaga, a few other people, Enrique Iglesias. I can’t tell you [if they said yes], I can’t speak for them. They think it’s exciting, because they’re my buddies, but it’s not just about the artists – it’s about their labels, their rights, so there’s no ‘yes’ until it’s cleared from all angles. But of COURSE I have a lot of friends, and they’re all willing to help. It’s going to be a fun album for sure


Lady Gaga performs at Stevie Wonder Tribute Concert

Lady Gaga among many other artists have joined CBS to create Stevie Wonder: Songs In the Key of Life – An All-Star Grammy Salute concert held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Tuesday (February 10) in Los Angeles. The performance aired February 16th on CBS in which Lady Gaga performing ‘I Wish‘. Check out photos and a video of the performance below!

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett perform at the 2015 GRAMMY Awards

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett hit the stage to perform ‘Cheek To Cheek‘ from their Jazz album tonight at the 57th Grammy Awards. A few hours before performing, the duo also got a fantastic news as they won the grammy award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. After the announcement, they showed up on the red carpet together.





Giorgio Moroder talks about Lady Gaga to Rolling Stone

During a very recent interview with Rolling Stone, famous Italian producer Giorgio Moroder, talked about several artists he worked with, including Britney Spears, Sia Furler and, of COURSE, Lady Gaga herself.

Last month, he exclusively revealed to Popjustice that Lady Gaga asked him to work with her on new music. He said he could not get to meet her because he was sick and was hoping to work with her as soon as he was feeling better. Now during this exclusive interview with the music magazine he said:

What a talent. A great pianist, a great composer, lyricist – it’s going to be great.

QUICK NEWS: Sam Smith on Gaga, Stevie Wonder’s Tribute & More!

  • Rolling Stone dedicated their February magazine cover to Sam Smith. In his exclusive interview he praises several artists and also talks about the impact Lady Gaga had in his life as an artist. He said:

Without Gaga, I wouldn’t be here right now.

Lady Gaga has also been praising Sam Smith for a long time. She said:

Knowing I inspired Sam is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had as an artist. I was Sam. I still am Sam in a lot of ways. When I watched his performance on SNL, I knew how powerful his GIFT was. I was with my boyfriend, about to leave for tour again the next day, and Sam was singing ‘Stay With Me’. We both had such an honest emotional reaction. I remember thinking how unique it was to have such a visceral reaction to a modern artist.

  • Lady Gaga has joined the all-star lineup for Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life — An All-Star GRAMMY Salute! The live concert will take place on February 10 and will air live Monday (February 16) on CBS. Other performers announced include Janelle Monáe, Ed Sheeran, and Usher.
  • Earlier today Mobistar Corporate and Universal Music Group won a Private Business Awardfor Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga’s very successful concert which took place last year in Brussels.


Billboard recently got to talk to Diane Warren about her collaboration with Lady Gaga. Read below!

Diane Warren, Oscar-nominated this year for “Grateful” from Beyond the Lights, wrote “Till It Happens To You” after being shown scenes almost a year ago. She took the song to Gaga — sharing a writing CREDIT with Warren — who quickly recorded it.

“I heard about [the film] and it just really touched me,” Warren tells Billboard in her first interview since The Hunting Ground premiered Jan. 23, “and she had stuff in her life that she could RELATE to. Gaga is one of the most talented artists I have worked with in my life and I’m excited about doing more with her.

The song appears in the body of the film to underscore the pain of a survivor of sexual assault. Another version closes the film, which will be released March 20 and air later this year on CNN.

“There are a lot of levels to the song,” says Warren , who saw the finished film for the first time at the premiere. “There’s something very vulnerable about it and something very defiant about it, especially the way [Gaga] sings it. The first verse is vulnerable — ‘You tell me its going to get better?’ — and the second verse comes in and it builds. Really? It gets better? No. You don’t know until it happens to you.”

Like “Grateful,” which Warren describes as a song that celebrates success at the end of a trying time, Warren hopes the song has a life beyond the film.

“I think this song in particular can relate to anything you want, anything in your life,” she says. “It could be a breakup, somebody passing away — anything where there is loss and someone says to you it’s going to be all right, it just takes time, but you’re sitting there dying. It’s such a universal song.”